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DOI assignment for scientific publications

We would like to inform you that within the structure of the Center for Sustainable Development there is a Digital Publishing Service, which is an official partner of Crossref and is authorized to represent publishing houses (publications) in Crossref and provides services for assigning an individual DOI prefix, which is assigned to a publishing house (publication, institution, higher education institution).

A DOI is a unique identifier that is permanently assigned to scientific articles and journals, providing permanent reference to scientific publications.

🔍 Why is DOI important?
✔️For scientific publications of Ukraine, in accordance with clause 6 of the Procedure for the formation of the List of scientific specialized publications of Ukraine (Order of the Ministry of Education and Culture No. 32 dated 01.15.2018), assigning a digital DOI identifier to each published material is mandatory.
✔️International standard: DOI is recognized as the world standard for identification of scientific publications, which facilitates their distribution and indexing.

💼 Who is this service for?
✔️For universities, scientific institutions, publishing houses.

📝 How to get a DOI for scientific publications?
The process is very simple! Contact us at We will be happy to advise you and provide all the necessary information.

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