DOI Assignment
DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
International standard (ISO 26324:2012) for identification of information assigned to scientific publications, such as: scientific articles, collections of scientific articles, conference abstracts, conference reports, reviews of scientific articles, dissertations, grant applications, patents, reports on scientific work , textbooks, scientific manuals, monographs. For scientific content, the DOI is assigned by the Crossref registration agency or its Sponsor (the contract with the Crossref Sponsors is equivalent to a direct contract with Crossref).
Advantages of cooperation
  • the contract with the sponsoring organization is equivalent to the contract with Crossref;
  • discounts of up to 50% from a direct contract with Crossref;
  • payment after doi assignment;
  • when switching from Crossref or the sponsoring organization, all doi are saved and the prefix does not change;
  • free use of the iThenticate - Similarity Check plagiarism check service until 03/31/2024;

The Digital Publishing Service, which is an official partner of Crossref (excerpt from the official Crossref website), is authorized to represent publishing houses (editions) in Crossref and provides services for assigning an individual DOI prefix, which is fixed by the publisher (edition, institution,higher education institutions) and entry into the Crossref register.

The Digital Publishing Service, as a partner of Crossref, is one of the largest sponsoring organizations that cooperates with more than 200 leading universities, scientific institutions and publications in Europe, among them:
If you are interested in becoming a partner, send an email to
Cooperation Mechanism
In order to start cooperation, it is necessary to draw up an agreement between the acquiring organization and Digital Publishing Service, which describes the terms of cooperation and payment. Digital Publishing Service offers 3 options for cooperation on the assignment of digital DOI identifiers for publishing houses (publications, higher education institutions, scientific organizations).
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Contract with Crossref (for comparison)
Annual contribution
220 $
130 $
275 $
Payment per DOI
1 $
2 $
5 $
1 $
Individual prefix
Free DOIs for testing
Prefix assignment period
7-10 days
7-10 days
7-10 days
35-40 days
Requirements for materials to which a DOI is assigned:
  • The registered data must have a page URL;
  • The URL page must be available on a long-term basis;
  • The page URL must be updated when it changes.
Step-by-step instructions on DOI registration are provided to publications and institutions that cooperate with the Digital Publishing Service. To conclude a contract and start cooperation, it is necessary to send a request with the name of the publisher (publication) and contact information to the e-mail address marked "Assignment of DOI".

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