News of the Center for Sustainable Development

Participation in Scientific Topics

We inform you that the scientific institution "Research Center for Sustainable Development" is the executor of scientific topics. Each topic has an official registration in UkrINTEI and an assigned state number.

Authors of scientific materials can enter their topics in the register of participants and be included in the report (after review and approval of the materials). In order to participate in a scientific topic, it is necessary to submit a request and scientific materials to e-mail: with the mark "Scientific topic".

Authors participating in a scientific topic are provided with a certificate of responsible executor for 1 year. The cost of issuing and sending the certificate is UAH 1,000.00.

Participation in the performance of a scientific topic is provided for in paragraphs 8 p. 38 of the CMU Resolution No. 1187 of December 30, 2015.

The list of registered scientific topics is presented at the link.

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