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We invite you to complete an Internship Abroad

We invite you to complete a foreign internship for teaching and scientific-pedagogical workers on the basis of the European Institute of Innovative Development (Ostrava, Czech Republic)!

Internships are held for the purpose of improving qualifications and sharing experience with foreign colleagues. After completion of the program, a Certificate of Completion of Foreign Internship is issued (Certificate of Completion of Internship is a document that confirms completion of an internship in a country that is part of the European Union for obtaining academic titles of associate professor, professor, and senior researcher in accordance with the Procedure for Awarding Academic Titles to Scientific and Scientific Pedagogical Workers , approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated January 14, 2016 No. 13.

We specialize in professional translation of scientific materials, documents, texts, audio recordings and video materials. Our translators have a higher professional education and are fluent in languages. The Center carries out translation into English, in accordance with the "Recommendations for authors and translators of scientific articles that must be published in English" of the European Association of Scientific Editors (London, Great Britain) dated September 14, 2010.

Internship programs in the following areas:
  • economy;
  • right;
  • social sciences;
  • culture is art;
  • humanities;
  • medicine and pharmaceuticals;
  • technology and engineering.

Cost of internship (payment is made only after sending confirmation of receipt of materials):
  • €150 - for citizens of the European Union;
  • 3,500.00 ₴ - for citizens of Ukraine (when applying through the website);
  • $200 - for citizens of European countries (not part of the European Union) and other countries.

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